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A system of care. A community of support.

What would you do if your child were born deaf or hard of hearing?  Where would you go for support?  Research has shown that infants and toddlers who are identified as deaf or hard of hearing before 6 months of age have significantly greater opportunities to  develop vocabulary, language and academic skills equal to their hearing peers, yet state records show that only a fraction of these children suspected or diagnosed as deaf or hard of hearing are receiving early intervention and family support services.

We need your help to make a difference for deaf and hard of hearing infants/young children and their families who are affected by this issue in Texas.  In this website you’ll find a host of information and resources, including the newborn hearing screen public service announcement, information about about the prevalence of newborns being deaf/hard of hearing, the importance of getting both an early diagnosis and early intervention services. Additionally, needed resources available to Texas families are included.

We encourage you to share this website with friends and families so that together we are able to strengthen the commitment to promote an effective newborn hearing screen and follow-up system for families in Texas.  Together we are Texas Early Hearing Detection and Intervention – A System of Care.  A Community of Support.

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Get the answers and support families need when their child is in
the need of hearing intervention.


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The greater community serves as an excellent resource to families by assisting them in…


The Texas Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Statewide Campaign…


The Texas Deaf and Hard of Hearing Leadership Council, Birth – 3, has outlined 10 state priorities targeting key areas of improvement to address through the Texas EHDI Statewide Campaign for 2016.


In Texas, newborn hearing screening was mandated in 1999…

16th Annual Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Meeting

Atlanta, Georgia

February 26-28, 2017