about Finding a Medical Provider

A system of care. A community of support.


As a family you will face the need to quickly learn new skills, adapt to a changing perception of what you thought your parenting would encompass and who your child would be, and be able to successfully make important decisions regarding your child’s medical care and development.  The following medical professional roles are common connections families of infants and toddlers with hearing loss make as they begin their journey to raise their young child.

young girl uses a toy stethoscope on a teddy bear
line drawing of pediatrician
line drawing of an audiologist
line drawing of otolaryngologist
line drawing of a geneticist and dna strand
line drawing of ophthalmologist

Parent-professional partnerships are essential to your child’s development.  Understanding what each professional can offer in terms of skills, resources and support can be overwhelming, especially in the early months of your child’s diagnosis.

It’s okay to get a second opinion

It’s important that you and your child have a confident, comfortable relationship with the professionals on your team, so if you have any concerns about that, you may want to consider seeing another doctor or specialist for a second opinion.

Medical Home Information for Families

Dr. Audra Stewart, an American Academy of Pediatrics Chapter Champion for Texas EHDI and a parent of three children, one of whom is deaf, shares important information with parents about the concept of a medical home and what this means in terms of accessing care for their deaf or hard of hearing child. Dr. Stewart explains the history of the medical home concept and describes the modern day medical home philosophy for all children, not just children with special health care needs. She describes the important relationship between a child’s medical home and EHDI, and gives parents practical information to help them assess, and in some cases improve, the quality of care they are receiving from their child’s medical providers.